One man One band

Livemusiv - Singer, Guitarist, Italiano

You are searching for a nice birthday present? You are looking for something special? Congratulations, you have found it!

No matter whether you want to celebrate a marriage, family parties, birhtday parties or business parties. Damaniano is your man. He is a very gifted musician from southern Italy and he will make your special event something more special. Elegance, style and a great repertoire of music (i.e. classic music, rock, evergreens etc.) are some of his qualities. If you furthermore ever asked yourself how gentleness, a good character and italian temper working together, then this is your chance! Damiano can play over 700 songs and instrumental peaces and he speaks five languages(Italian, Spanish, English, German and Japanese). He gained expercience and respect all over the world for his work and his sophisticated and steadfast personality.

Get the spirit of Italy and the one-man-orchestra will make your event never to be forgotten!

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